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Getting around

The below information is correct at the time of writing, in July 2021, Due to Covid-19, the situation is fluid and we will give current information upon request.

Each year Lake Louise and Moraine Lake become more popular. As a consequence when the car park becomes full (sometimes at dawn) the access road is closed by Parks Canada. This means that there are limited options to see some of the most iconic views of the Rockies.

Parks Canada have introduced paid parking at Lake Louise.

There are several options open to visitors.

  1. The first is just to risk driving to the access road to see if you will be permitted to drive up. This can be immensely frustrating if you wait on the road for a long time only to get to the car park and be turned away.
  2. Another option is to take the Roam Transit from Banff - the downside is that this is a first come first served transit system, meaning that you are not guaranteed availability there or back. However in Banff there is someone on duty at the High School Bus Transit point. If you get there early for the bus, and let the person on duty know what bus you are taking, they will tell you where to wait and try to ensure that people get on in a first come, first served manner.
  3. A new option for 2021 (starting May 21st) which might help reduce stress and to avoid not being able to get back from Lake Louise is to reserve a seat on the Roam Transit Lake Louise Scenic Route to Banff - The service runs from Lake Louise, along the Bow Valley Parkway to Banff via Johnston Canyon.
  4. From May 21st, Parks Canada will be running a local shuttle (a Shore Shuttle) up the access road, to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, on a much more frequent basis. Reservations for seats on the Parks Canada Shore Shuttles will be required for the entire operating season of mid-May to mid-October. All reservations will originate at the Park and Ride, located 6 km east of Lake Louise Village. Shuttles will go to either Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, based on the primary selected reservation. The Lake Connector will take visitors with a reservation between Lake Louise lake shore and Moraine Lake, if desired, at no additional cost. The Park and Ride connector will loop visitors between Lake Louise Village, the Lake Louise Campground, and the Park and Ride. IMPORTANT. A reservation will be required to board. For more information visit Parks Canada Shuttle
  5. If you don`t want to drive to the overflow car park, you can take the 8x from Banff, to Lake Louise shoreline, as a walk on, with a day pass and, if you want to visit Moraine Lake, also reserve a Shore Shuttle ticket ($8 each). The only reason for getting the Shore Shuttle ticket is to allow you to use the Parks Canada Lake Louise - Moraine shuttle - you can not use that shuttle between the lakes without a Shore Shuttle ticket. (As the 8x stops at The park and ride the choice would be yours whether to transfer to the Shore Shuttle or just stay in your current seats up to Lake Louise.)
  6. E-bikes are an excellent way to get around but supply is limited (compared to demand) and we highly recommend that you consider this option as it gives you the freedom to come and go at will, without lining up for buses. If you do opt for renting an e-bike then you should plan ahead and book online.
      If you rent an e-bike in Lake Louise village you can park for free and get about more easily.
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  7. In addition at the Lake Louise Ski Hill, on the opposite side of the valley to Lake Louise itself, there is a summer gondola attraction ( ). This gives the opportunity to see Grizzly bears and there is free car parking and a free shuttles to Lake Louise, but not Moraine Lake. So if you wanted to also visit Moraine Lake you would again have to get a Shore Shuttle ticket to enable you to take the Parks Canaada Lake Connector.
  8. Of course you could always take a taxi to the lakes.